• We build, expand and supervise your business in Paris


    With direct access to the European market and its +500 million consumers,

    France is a great place to create or expand your business.

    It's easier and faster with someone you trust guiding you on the ground.


    That's what we do




  • What we do

    Business & Strategy


    Business development, organisation review, value proposition definition... With our COO experience, we can define a strategy, design the business and execute.




    - Interim General Manager of a hybrid hydrogen aircraft OEM (Oct. 2020 to April 2021). 12 person team, $900k raised in grants, new product line and strategy set up and team reorganized.
    - Safetyn - Fundraising and new businesses (incl. simulation and VR) - 2021.
    - Qvision: startup launch - Computer vision enhanced by synthetic data.

    Investor representation


    From deal management to holding director and advisor positions. Local support with a combined legal & business background is an asset to secure your position.




    - Non-Executive Director in A&D company since March 2021.

    - M&A advisor / sourcing - Since Dec 2021.

    - WeBoard advisor of a company building advisory boards for other companies (March - Aug. 2021);
    - Mentor to a hydrogen production Corporate spinoff project (March - April 2021).

  • About




    Launched by Christophe Carrière in 2021 to leverage a unique background and knowledge of the French scene, to the benefit of international clients, from Portland to Shanghai.


    Christophe's background includes:

    +10 years legal M&A in Paris and London, and 3 years at Valeo as Deputy GC

    Cofounder and COO of a startup in aviation

    Strategy consultant and expert in building partnerships

    Board positions in Aerospace & Defense companies



  • Networks and partners



    Friends from over the horizon

    TAO's mission is to create an inclusive, world-class innovation economy in Oregon that strengthens their regional technology industry

    Entrepreneur Member

    Created in 1873, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the oldest international chamber of commerce in France and Europe.

    Aerospace Valley

    Leading European competitiveness cluster in the aerospace sector

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    Paris, France
    +33 682 341 323